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Finding top-qualified candidates and exciting positions is not easy. But it's our ambition that it should be. Find help and inspiration here in the most frequently asked questions at Arbejd.com .

For businesses

It doesn't have to be hard to find relevant candidates
How much is a job posting?
How do I create a job posting?
How do I register as a company?
How do I edit a job posting?
Can I save a draft?
Can I integrate Arbejd.com with other systems?
Can I create an unlimited number of job ads?
Can job applicants contact me without me contacting them?

For job seekers

Match automatically with relevant candidate listings
How much does it cost?
Who can see my profile?
What kind of jobs can I find at Arbejd.com ?
Where can I find good advice for job hunting?
How do I share my CV ?
How do I save a job posting?
How can I increase my chances of being found?
How do I apply for a position?
Why don't I get any matches?

General use of Arbejd.com

Learn more about your job search
What does it mean to "match"?
What is your privacy policy?
What are the rules in the use of Arbejd.com ?
What is Arbejd.com differently?
How do I contact Arbejd.com ?
How do I report a user?

Account &payment

Learn more about your job search
What means of payment do you accept?
Where do I find my invoice?
How do I delete my account?
How do I change my username or password?
I can't sign in, what do I do?
Can I get my money back?

Do you still need our help?

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