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Arbejd.com IVS, CVR No 39779285 (hereinafter " Arbejd.com ")

1. Acceptance of terms and conditions


These terms of business (hereinafter "Terms(-ne)") apply between the customer (hereinafter "the Customer") and Arbejd.com (hereinafter referred to as " Arbejd.com ").


Upon acceptance of the terms, the Customer accepts at the same time Arbejd.coms other relevant policies, including Personal Data Policy and Cookie Policy, which are available in the current Arbejd.coms website, as an integral part of these Terms.

2. About the product


Arbejd.coms services consist of a job advertising and recruitment portal marketed under the name " Arbejd.com "


When setting up the company, the Customer selects and enters his own unique username and password.


The right to use Arbejd.com applies exclusively to the Customer, and may not be used by or for anyone other than the Customer.

3. Use of the application


When using Arbejd.com , gives the Customer Arbejd.com the right to use the information entered for the purpose of Arbejd.coms fulfil its obligations to the Customer.


The customer may not disclose the username and password to a third party or otherwise allow anyone other than the Customer to use Arbejd.com without having a direct agreement with the Arbejd.com .


The customer is responsible for ensuring that Arbejd.com not be applied in a way that is contrary to relevant legislation or other regulation.


Arbejd.com makes use of third-party services, servers and databases for operating the system and for data storage.

4. Prices and terms of payment


Arbejd.com receive payment with Dankort/VISA-Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron and Mastercard. Payment will be charged to your account when the payment is made. All prices are in DKK . Danish kroner and is excluding VAT. Arbejd.com uses an authenticated payment server (DIBS and NETS) that encrypts all your card information with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This means that you cannot read your information. Information on the prices for each type of advertising can be found at Arbejd.coms homepage.  


Prices can be changed with 1 month notice until the end of a month. The changes will be announced at Arbejd.coms website as well as by email to the Customer.


Arbejd.com automatically generates an invoice for the Customer after each completed purchase.


Adjusted price, by offer, is intended for larger companies or temp and recruitment agencies, and does not apply to online payments.


All prices are in DKK (Danish kroner) and is excluding VAT.


If no payment is made in a timely manner, Arbejd.coms collection procedure with associated deadlines and fees. The customer agrees that reminders sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Customer shall be deemed to have been delivered when sent by Arbejd.com .


Arbejd.com automatically generates an invoice for the Customer after each completed purchase.


In the absence of payment, access to Arbejd.com . Access to Arbejd.com will be reopened after payment has been received, unless Arbejd.com the agreement has been terminated beforehand.


If the Customer pays a late payment due, interest on the overdue amount is added by 2% per month from due date until payment is made.

5. Duration and terms of job advertisements on Arbejd.com


Job ads are visible for 40 days to job applicants and take effect when creating the ad. As a rule, the customer has full access to the ad for 70 days before the job ad is shut down. The customer only pays for access to applicants' contact information as well as access to the messaging and refusal system. If the customer does not respond to the ad and actively shuts it down, an automatic refusal is sent to all applicants.


There is no right of withdrawal when buying ARBEJD.COM , in that the purchased service is delivered to the customer immediately after payment.


The customer consents to Arbejd.com can, but should not, make job ads available in media other than Arbejd.com , possibly through cooperation with third parties, without any prior permission from the Customer to do so. The customer can request a list of relevant business partners from Arbejd.com .

6. Operational stability


Arbejd.com strives for maximum operational stability, but is not responsible for breakdowns or breakdowns, including for breakdowns caused by factors outside the Arbejd.coms control. This includes power failures, equipment failures, problems with telecommunications connections, problems with Internet connections, hardware problems, hacker attacks, viruses or other force majeure. In the event of a breakdown or disturbance, the Arbejd.com restore normal operation as soon as possible.

7. Amendments to the Arbejd.com


Arbejd.com are entitled to make continuous changes, updates, and improvements to the system. Arbejd.com is also entitled to change the composition and structure of the system and any opt-in solutions. Such updates, improvements and changes may occur with or without notice, and may affect services, including information, uploaded to or provided by the system.

8. Intellectual property rights


The system and information provided from Arbejd.com , except customer information, is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and belongs to Arbejd.com .


The customer must provide Arbejd.com notification of any current or potential infringement of Arbejd.coms intellectual property rights or unauthorized use of the system that the Customer becomes aware of.


The customer admits that the information being entered does not contain information that may be offensive or violate relevant legislation or other regulation.

9. Arbejd.coms responsibility


The system is made available to the Customer as is and is available, and Arbejd.com waives any warranty, insurance, warranties, claims or other terms other than those set out in the Terms.

10. Terms changes


Arbejd.com are entitled to change these Conditions at any time. The Conditions in force at any time will be available at Arbejd.coms homepage. Arbejd.com aims to give reasonable notice (1 month) in connection with any change, by posting on the website, and by sending emails to the Customer.

11. Complaints options - overview and links


Do you have a complaint about a product purchased from Arbejd.com , a complaint can be sent to customer service:

Arbejd.com IVS

T: +45 31 53 20 44

M.: hello @ arbejd.com