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Denmark's new job portal

Our story isn't really about us. It's about you.

Whether you are a jobseeker or in lack of an employee, we help you search - faster, easier and more efficiently. When you want to find a new job or just want to enter the labour market, you immediately start applying. You screen the supply of jobs through, sort and start getting applications, CV and certificates etc. in place. It is time consuming and can be quite exhausting. What if we said it could be made much easier? Because it can.

Instead of spending time screening the labor market and writing dry resumes, tell us what you can do.

In just a few minutes, your profile is up and running, and the moment you complete it, you're matched up with companies that demand your specific skills. The same applies to companies. The moment their job ad is completed, it will be matched with all job seekers and candidates.

Less writing

Arbejd.com has come about on the basis of a high level of knowledge of the recruitment process and its lack of innovation.

By building this new and shorter bridge, we hope that we can make a difference both for the jobseekers and for the companies that search for employees. The team behind arbejd.com is a group of dedicated people with many years of experience in recruitment.


Now you've heard of us, let's get to know you

We love to hear about your challenges in applying for a job or finding the right canditat for your business. Write, write for your it, and let's see how we can help you. We are ready on hello @ arbejd.com .

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