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The team behind arbejd.com is a group of dedicated people with many years of experience in recruitment and software development. "We have always felt that much could be improved by technology in the industry. Why we started in 2018 Arbejd.com , with the mission of getting job seekers and businesses at eye level with each other. It cannot be right that job search and recruitment should be so one-sided, manual and time consuming."

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Arbejd.com are DK 's new job and recruitment portal where you can quickly and easily find your next job and/or your next employee with a few clicks. Arbejd.com went live in June '19 and has since then received +24K app downloads by job seekers and about 10,000 SoMe followers.

From the point of view of a recruiting company, Arbejd.com primarily by making job seekers visible and organising. This means that the companies themselves can be proactive in their recruitment and thus save up to 80% in both time and cost.

From the point of view of the job seeker, it has never been easier and more manageable to make yourself visible and look for a job than on the arbejd.com . Partly because the app helps you intuitively fill in your profile/ CV and partly because it automatically matches you up with the jobs that fit your particular profile. Similarly, companies are automatically matched with relevant job seekers.

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